When executed correctly, adding a patio, pool or both can drastically increase the value of your property. Creating an alluring outdoor space suited for hosting parties, family gatherings or, simply, a tranquil area to enjoy alone time attracts buyers and increases the overall value of your property. Adding attractive concrete patios with stamping and staining is an upticking trend among homeowners *link to stamping/staining blog for content cluster*. With patios being the perfect area for relaxing, entertaining and cooking, they are making a big comeback at all stages of the market, according to an article published by HGTV.

One thing those interested in adding a patio to their property should consider, is the importance of creating patios that are in proportion to the house and surroundings. An out-of-proportion patio/project can devalue a property and throw off the overall visual balance, according to the article published by HGTV. So designers should remember that the cost of a project doesn’t necessarily mean that homeowners will see a return on their investment when/if it comes time to sell.

However, well-planned projects are still good investments and patios/outdoor spaces remain popular among consumers. The 2018 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), found that 74.2 percent of respondents expressed a desire for flexible use space, 74 percent expressed an interest in permeable paving, 70.8 percent expressed interest in reduced lawn space and 80 percent expressed interest in low-maintenance landscapes.

Extrapolating on backyard investments, swimming pools may also increase the value of your property depending on the type, regional weather and other factors.

According to an article published by Home Appraisals, Inc., a pool’s worth can be determined by the type of construction of the pool. Whether it is above or below ground does make a difference. Also, the regional climate matters. If the property is in an area that experiences warm weather for much of the year, like Arkansas, buyers prefer homes/properties with a pool and are willing to pay more for the feature.

While it’s important to properly plan and execute backyard projects, patios and pools are still promising investment opportunities and also boost the ambiance and attractiveness of outdoor spaces. Slabco professionals are experts in the industry of concrete/patio projects and are always available for consultation and project support.

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